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Title: can I convert my 4WD p11 to FWD?
Post by: kenian on 23 September, 2018, 04:23:59 PM
Hey guys,

Just been giving a pretty beat up 4x4 sr20 p11 primera. Has high kz but is 4wd manual.

I am going use this as a project and rebuild the engine to be a  high comp high revving sr20 with ITB and trumpets for a club day car but don't liek the 4wd.
Major to convert to FWD? Any fundamental differences in 4wd body and fwd? Firewall? Subframes??

If possible what is the  best gearbox to use? And stronger than others? And standard LSD? Any got short or long ratios? Which are most common?

Can't wait to start build and may start a thread.

Any help muchappreciated


Title: Re: can I convert my 4WD p11 to FWD?
Post by: morrisman1 on 29 September, 2018, 08:18:52 PM
just need a frontwheel drive gearbox, axles and gearbox mounts, the rest you can just leave. remove diff etc, and put some old CV joints into the rear hubs with the nut tightened up as per normal.

I know its pretty mainstream but you will get better results just putting a SR20VE in it than modifying the SR20DE. You will be thousands of dollars deep in the SR20DE before you match the factory power of the VE.

The 4x4 chassis is totally different, but no trouble using it in a FWD configuration.