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Re: Drag Day - Avgas
« Reply #15 on: 11 May, 2007, 08:21:19 PM »
is avgas really worth running ? did some reading around the net on the subject and put some bullets down below. ive raced with 93 octane in the states and 100 octane unleaded with same results, the higher octane in the race gas turned out not making any difference for me. and there might also be other information in favor of it, but from my experience 98 here in NZ works best for me.

- not to cool with fuel injection systems, not good for the injectors, fuel system
- 02 sensors, not a good idea
- could clog ya cat, not sure anyone has one these days, lol !
- could be slower using with a stock engine
- most cars have a tune so to speak for a certain fuel

note: really in most cases you should use the octane rating your car calls for, higher octane levels would be better for higher compression ratio, detonation problems, forced induction, supercharger, nitrous.


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Re: Drag Day - Avgas
« Reply #16 on: 11 May, 2007, 08:42:52 PM »
smart call ;)


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Re: Drag Day - Avgas
« Reply #17 on: 11 May, 2007, 09:38:14 PM »
Yea, the higher the octane the harder it is to burn so you need more ignition timing to fire it off, but when it does fire, it burns hotter and gives better boom, also need a bit more of it, so richer mixtures help.

Deff not a help in stock or mildly modded cars.  I run it in evlnxr when at the strip for a bit of extra detonation insurance, as it efectivly retards the timing a bit, but ive dyno'd and raced on BP Ultimate plenty of times without probs.

Still like to grab some if thats ok tho.


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Re: Drag Day - Avgas
« Reply #18 on: 13 June, 2007, 10:26:33 PM »
love puting it in a 2stroke dirtbike ;D


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Re: Drag Day - Avgas
« Reply #19 on: 15 June, 2007, 08:51:31 AM »
Ummmm avgas!! Good for the mini!! Bad for the primera