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Manfeild trackday 18/12/06
« on: 28 November, 2006, 01:23:02 PM »
Hi folks,
I'm posting this on behalf, there's a trackday at manfeild on the monday the 18th of December, if anyones interested here's the details. sorry for the short notice

Manfield Raceway Fielding - Large main track
Monday 18th December 2006
$85 each driver

This is a private hire for 'driver experience' and We'll be running groups of cars of similar power so we don't have too much bunching as there as there is to be no 'racing'.
You will need at least cotton overalls and a good helmet, your car must have a current WOF to enter and you must have at least a restricted driver licence. I'd like to suggest that you change your brake fluid and pads for the day as track driving is hard on your brakes.
There will be passengers allowed with the correct safety gear. (Cotton overalls and helmets)

Rain? If it’s raining the day will go ahead. What is the point of hiding when it rains? We drive to work, school, friends etc on rainy days so why not on the track where it’s safer. It will great experience for you all to learn better car control in the wet.

All cars are welcome, no discrimination here.

Oh and there will be no drifting… no exceptions

For info on the track look here

Any questions ask away, and feel free to email chelles at for more info.

PS: The last day to pull out and get a refund is November 20th 2006 (unless you find someone to take your spot)


Other details here ---->

Hopefully I'll see some of you there :)