Author Topic: Nissan Primera P12 audio malfunction  (Read 37 times)

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Nissan Primera P12 audio malfunction
« on: 22 May, 2020, 12:24:41 AM »

I am new to this forum and new as an owner of a 2004 P12 1.8 litre petrol wagon. I've searched my way through this fine database of ours and didn't find anything like this.
My radio is unable to find stations (nothing even when I manually input a known good broadcasting station). The CD does work, but the issue with audio playback is horrendous quality.

Upon starting the car I can hear the speakers pop quite alarmingly, pointing to something going on with amplification. After this the music comes on very muffled and distorted. The level of muffling and distortion varies on its own (meaning that the engine rpm has no effect). After x time elapsed, the audio volume and quality equalizes and clears up to a comprehensible state.
One curiosity I discovered is that the loudness setting does absolutely nothing. Also the max volume comfortable to listen is around 5 green bars with a very steep curve between steps of volume.

Things I've tried:
- Charge the battery
- Check battery terminal tightness
- Checked fuses to be OK
- Simple earth fix on both rear lights
- Cleaning and refitting of B-pillar ground points (M17-18 i believe?)

Things yet to try:
- Grounding of the cars aerial, which's ground point I've yet to discover (even from the manual)
- Reconnection of the CD player (due to the ratio of my understanding of centre console trim required to remove and time to complete such a feat)
- ???

It isn't new and it sure isn't perfect in other areas either (problems that probably shouldn't be discussed in this post).
The thing has had two error codes pop up (multi cyl misfire prior to clearing the codes and cyl 4 misfire after). There are two main problems with the engine at the time, which are
- running/accelerating jerkily
- having a hard time starting randomly,
neither of which have anything to do with the engine being warmed up/cold.