Author Topic: Sr18di and sr18de mix n match.  (Read 941 times)

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Sr18di and sr18de mix n match.
« on: 20 December, 2016, 10:51:56 PM »
Just pulled my di engine out after 600k to rebuild it. I have a gti pulsar de engine here I'm borrowing a bottom end from. The de flywheel is nearly a third thicker than my di one. The heads are massively different in port size and mountings. The di has a 2nd set of butterflies in the manifold which from what I gather keeps air speed up at low revs but I'm going to pull them out and see if it makes a difference at higher revs. It came with the good cams and revs pretty free but those flaps plus having the cat as part of the exhaust manifold must choke them up shocking. Swapping it out for the pulsars 4-2-1 headers. Just a few things I've spotted I thought I'd post. The di flywheel is much lighter than the de, cheap upgrade for some perhaps?

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